A new start

Hai everyone!
 So much has changed since I last posted. Sadly Blitzen lost his life to E.Cuniculi. But me and Holly were given the all clear, and well we bonded ourselves!
 Mummy came down one morning and found our barrier was knocked down, asuming the worse she pulled open the shed door and found us snuggled up together. So now me and Holly live together
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Me and Blitzen did a howse swop!

 Mummy thought because of Blitzen's runny poo it'd be better if me and him switched howses so it'd be easier to clean up after him so a few days ago mummy moved me into Blitzen's howse which is next door to Holly's! Mummy cleaned it out and re-decorated it for me- she even bought me a special carpet that I'd stand out against hehe.
 Here is mai new howse

 'Mummy why am I in here?'

'hmmm-new carpet'

I has been very helpful..

 Today I was very helpful for mummy, I helped her feed the others (and me hehe) and then I even helped her 'find' some messes to clean up! 
 Mummy wasn't very pleased with my help, especially with the mess finding, she just told me I was making mess not finding it! Well honestly it wasn't my fault, the litter tray flipped itself over!
 Here is proofs that I help mummy with the foodz:

 I saved her the hassle of putting the foods in my bowl!
 She told me I was naughty and took the bag off me and picked me up (which I hate so I kicked her) then she put me in my cage and gave me a handful of pellets- instead of saying thankyou like a good bunny would of I growled and lunged at her. Mummy said she was starting to get annoyed with my behaivoir and she said when she gets back of Holly-day (what ever that is?!) she is gonna get me sorted out!
 Later on mummy came to give me my faveourite treat- a charcoal biscuit but when she gave it to me I knocked it out her hand and scractched her- I'm not a happy bunny today!
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Guest Entry: By Holly and Blitzen.

 It's Holly here. I am Magic's friend, one of the other bunnehs that lives here, also I have part ownership of the hoomin along wiv Magic and Blitzen.
 Anyway, today mummy decided my shed was too boring so she decided to decorate it abit. She gave me some new hidey places and some new toys. But best of all she put loads of hayz all over the floors and in my trays!!!
 Here is a piccy: (you can almost see me in the white carrier)

 anyway, time for Blitzen to post, Hollyx

Hai it's Blitzen here!
 Today mummy when mummy gave me my pellets I couldn't find any white gooey stuff on them, for a long time now mummy has been putting white creamy stuff on my foods, she said it was a medicine that'll help me feel better so I ate it all, but today mummy said all the medicine is gone and I don't need it anymore! I do feel alot better, i used to be really thin but the vet couldn't find anything wrong with me so she said mummy should treat me as if I had E. Cuniculi!
 Well I am alo better now, I better go because Magic wants to use the computer for sumthing!
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My hoomin doesn't trust me!

Gah, hoomin foiled my plans to make my shed even messier!
 Yesterday she bought a huge bale of shavings which will last her for months, anyway she tried to fit it in the hay bin outside but it was too big so she had to put it in my shed.
 Anyway, mummy obviously doesn't trust me because:

 yeah, she put metal abrs round it so I can't chew it! I thought mummy would trust me- atleast until the next mornign when she would of found a shed full of shavings hehe.
 Anyway, I will do a proper update later but for now here is a piccy of me:


Proper Update.

Hai, okay now it's time for my proper update.
 Not much has been happening, mummy has been preparing two of her guinea pigs for a fun pet show which was today- they didn't win anything :( and mummy smuggled them out the tent because you weren't supposed to pick them up until 4pm  but mummy wanted to go home because of the torrential rain so she got them at 2pm instead.
 Grandma and Grandad have decided they want to get some Quales??? Mummy said they lay tasty eggs and also Grandma wants to sell some eggs.
 Anyway, mummy is abit happy because she managed to sort out the Blue Toof on her computer which means she can use her phone instead of her crap camera!

Mummy's not very happy.

 I don't know what's wrong but mummy looks really un-happy and she hasn't been coming and giveing me snuggles and head scritches.
 I wish mummy could tell me what's wrong so i could go and bite whoever upset her!!!
 I'll update later properly,
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Video Play List

 This is just a quick post but mummy has started to put a video play list together on you-tube, sometimes it may feeture videos of my bunneh friends Holly and Blitzen. Moar videos will be uploaded soonish, when mummy's head ache has gone.
 also the link is in the link bar at the side of my page!
Hugs and carrots,
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Mummy didn't come and see me last night!

 Well mummy attacked me with the flashing box again yesterday, but I couldn't run away 'cause she had brockcollie and carrots so I thought I'd stay and let her take some pictyures of me:

For some reason she looked really happy when she took this pictyure of mai mouf:

Then she brought out the brockcollie

 Anyway, after she took the pictyures of me she went out, and I waited for her for hours and then it started to get dark and she never came to give me my nighttime cuddles and head scritches.
 She came this morning to feed me and I growled at her, then she told me why she hadn't come and given me scritches- she had an accident with a horze and she had hurt herself. Mummy and her friend had taken two horzes out and after some spooking and booking they had both fallen off and  the horzes had run of down the road!
 Luckily the horzes are ok but mummy was annoyed with me because I knocked my litter tray over and she had to bend down to sweep it up and it hurt her back-well it's not my fault she got thrown into a tree trunk!
 Hugs and Carrots,